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Cinematical veteran: “Those guys had a really valuable asset, and they lost it.”

By Sean O’Connell Hollywoodnews.com: What went wrong? Those on the outside who watched Cinematical implode quickly jumped to the conclusion that Huffington, who’s now in charge of AOL’s editorial decisions following an AOL/HuffPo merger, was trying to get something for nothing. The HuffPo co-founder and editor-in-chief has been criticized for[...]

Huffington Post signs $315 million deal with AOL

HollywoodNews.com: It was announced Sunday evening that AOL Inc. has made a pricey deal with the Huffington Post, one that will now merge the two Internet venues into the Huffington Post Media Group. With the approval from the boards of both companies, AOL bought the news-and-opinion website for $315 million[...]