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Holly Madison is single again while Hef finishes wedding plans

HollywoodNews.com: Holly Madison has reportedly split from her boyfriend, musician Jack Barakat, a short time before her other former beau, Hugh Hefner, will wed. Madison’s rep has reportedly confirmed the break-up between the two who first began a flirtation over Twitter, states E! News. It is also reported that the[...]

Hugh Hefner’s fiance finally releasing her first single

HollywoodNews.com: Hugh Hefner’s fiance, Crystal Harris, is staying plenty busy before her big wedding this summer and will be releasing her first single very soon. Harris will reportedly release her pop song, “Club Queen,” before her wedding day, states TMZ. Harris is reportedly working with famed vocal coach Seth Riggs[...]

Adam Lambert on why he wanted to be an openly gay celeb

HollywoodNews.com: Adam Lambert wants to be there for his fans which is why it has been important for him to be openly gay. Lambert recently spoke with ‘Entertainment Tonight Canada’ about all this and why he made the decision to come out publicly, states On Top Magazine. “It’s an amazing[...]

Donald Trump is a “good guy,” says ‘Survivor’s’ Richard Hatch

By Greg Hernandez HollywoodNews.com: Richard Hatch will always have a place in television history as the first winner of ‘Survivor.’ The fact that he traipsed around the island naked at times was besides the point I suppose as was the fact that he is gay. He was just damned clever[...]

Holly Madison explains why new relationship is different

HollywoodNews.com: While Holly Madison’s ex, Hugh Hefner, is set to get married, the reality TV star is finding herself in a new and exciting relationship. Madison has revealed that things are different this time around with All Time Low guitarist Jack Barakat, states People. The two haven’t been dating for[...]

Holly Madison: not appropriate to attend Hugh Hefner’s wedding

HollywoodNews.com: Even though Holly Madison seems to have a good relationship with her ex, Hugh Hefner, she doesn’t think it’d at all be a good idea to attend his wedding with Crystal Harris. Madison revealed that it isn’t because of jealousy, but just out of courtesy to the couple, states[...]

Holly Madison so doesn’t care about her ex’s marriage plans

HollywoodNews.com: Holly Madison wants everyone to know that she is just fine with Hugh Hefner’s plans to marry Crystal Harris. Madison reveals that she was never jealous that Harris got the proposal she always wanted when she was dating Hefner, states UsMagazine.com. She admits that people wanted her to feel[...]

Holly Madison is hesitant about Hef’s fiance, Crystal Harris

HollywoodNews.com: While the nice thing to do would probably be to offer congratulations, Holly Madison isn’t so excited for Hugh Hefner’s engagement to Crystal Harris. Madison has reportedly revealed to ‘Life & Style’ that she doesn’t think Harris is the girl for Hef, states The Huffington Post. While she reportedly[...]

Playboy TV Has Swingers, Lesbians and Real Couples Naked

hollywoodnews.com: Playboy presented their very first ever panel to the Television Critics Association last week. Launching their TV for 2 brand, they focused on the first two reality shows designed to get real couples watching together. “Swing” allows monogamous couples to enter the swinging community, and “A Brooklyn Kind of[...]

Holly Madison finally comments on Hugh Hefner’s engagement

HollywoodNews.com: Once Hugh Hefner announced his engagement to Crystal Harris, everyone was waiting to find out what his ex Holly Madison had to say. Madison did admit that the engagement announcement surprised her at first, states E! News. Hef’s former girlfriend also admitted that she couldn’t just say congratulations because[...]