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Iceland volcano forces “Iron Man 2” premiere to move to LA

Marvel and Paramount Pictures have just announced that the “Iron Man 2” premiere will be moved from London to Los Angeles, to avoid any disruption in air travel due to the recent volcano ash from Iceland. The premiere was slated to take place on April 26 and stars Robert Downey[...]

Miley Cyrus missing UK premiere; Is “Iron Man” sequel next?

The Icelandic volcano that wrecked havoc on last weekend’s Coachella music fest has claimed another victim, while other headaches appear to be on the horizon. Miley Cyrus and her boyfriend/co-star Liam Hemsworth can not get to London for the UK premiere of their film “The Last Song” because of ongoing[...]

New “Iron Man 2” Pictures Surface

Finally, we get a closer look at this summer’s huge blockbuster movie, “Iron Man 2.” The movie stars Robert Downy Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Don Cheadle, Mickey Rourke, Clark Greg, Kate Mara and Olivia Munn. IMDB states the synopsis as “With the world now aware of his dual life as the[...]

“Iron Man” viral marketing campaign underway

Paramount sent an invitation to HollywoodNews.com this evening inviting us to investigate Stark Expo 2010, an obvious viral marketing tool to help the studio promote Jon Favreau’s upcoming summer tent pole sequel, “Iron Man 2.” The e-mail read, “Better Living Through Technology. Please check out the upcoming Stark Expo, opening[...]

AC/DC releases “Iron Man 2” Video with soundtrack

BY LINELLE SCHULTZ AC/DC has released the music video for their collaboration with “Iron Man 2,” whom they have adapted as their next project. AC/DC is the ONLY act on the upcoming “Iron Man 2” soundtrack, pulling 15 songs from their catalog including many of their greatest hits. Since AC/DC[...]

Iron Man 2

Just released, Iron Man 2 Trailer.[...]

Iron Man 2 Photos Surface

Finally, the chance to get a glimpse into what has been going on behind the scenes of “Iron Man 2” featuring Robert Downey, Jr. and Scarlett Johansson. From what we can see it looks like there’s major potential for this film to be another blockbuster hit.[...]