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‘True Blood’ actors talk vamps, werewolves, and humans

HollywoodNews.com: Three of our favorite “True Blood” stars have recently spoken out about their character portrayals on the HBO show, and playing complex supernatural characters isn’t as easy (and delicious) as it looks. Or so Australian actor Ryan Kwanten hears. As Jason Stackhouse–one of the few actual humans on the show,[...]

Who are the new people in ‘True Blood’s’ neighborhood?

Hollywoodnews.com: There’s a slew of fresh faces in season 3 of “True Blood.” So as not to get lost, here’s a rundown, courtesy of IO9.com. WEREWOLVES Alcide Heveraux (Joe Manganiello). He’s been the most talked about werewolf character leading up to season 3. Who is Manganiello? He’s[...]

Anna Paquin: “True Blood” sex scenes are easy with fiancé

Hollywoodnews.com: It sure is easy when you’re engaged to the person you’re having your sex scenes with on a vampire TV show. Anna Paquin revealed to Entertainment Weekly that her real-life romance with fellow “True Blood” leading man Stephen Moyer makes her hanky panky sequences less of a hassle. [...]