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Kristin Cavallari talks reality TV and relationships

HollywoodNews.com: Kristin Cavallari is engaged to Chicago Bears player Jay Cutler, but just because she is known for reality TV doesn’t mean she will take her relationship onto a show. Cavallari commented that she doesn’t plan on having her private life on TV again, states Hollyscoop. “I’ve been approached a[...]

Justin Bieber to release new single “Pray” on acoustic album

HollywoodNews.com: Pop sensation Justin Bieber started playing on his acoustic guitar when he was a kid, and now he’s going back to his original roots for his next album. The new acoustic album entitled “My Worlds Acoustic,” will go on sale on Black Friday exclusively through Walmart retailers. In addition[...]

Justin Bieber got a tattoo. No, really, seriously.

Hollywoodnews.com: There are various rites of manhood. Some fathers like to take their sons for a spin at the brothel. Other fathers share a beer with them, while a whole other subset take their male spawn to the shooting range. Jeremy Bieber, father of Justin, took his pop singer son[...]

Justin Bieber fights back on his “German” slip-up

There’s no room for mistakes when you are as famous as Justin Bieber. Because the world is watching, Justin. Does 16-year-old Justin Bieber know what the word “German” means? Yes, that’s right, the word “German.” Not how to speak German, but the actual word. During an interview on a New[...]