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Jon and Kate Gosselin reach child custody agreement

HollywoodNews.com: The child custody battle between Jon and Kate Gosselin has finally come to an end. The agreement that has been reached is reportedly very confidential, but will have the parents working together in order to best benefit their eight children, states FOX News. At one point in the custody[...]

Michael Lohan says he “never physically abused” his fiancee

HollywoodNews.com: Michael Lohan has just been charged with 2nd degree harassment for allegedly physically abusing his fiancee Kate Major, but as usual he is denying the charges. He is now revealing that Kate was “heavily intoxicated” at the time, suggesting that maybe she overreacted or didn’t report things clearly. Lohan[...]

Sneak Peek: Kate Gosselin lets her kids run through the field

HollywoodNews.com: Kate has a “Little House on the Prairie” moment when her kids run through the field in this brand new sneak peek from Sunday’s all-new special of “Kate Plus 8.” Watch the new sneak peek below: Award News, Breaking News, Entertainment News, Movie News, Music News, Hollywood News[...]

Sneak Peek: Kate Gosselin and the kids build a chicken coop

HollywoodNews.com: Kate Gosselin and the kids are back with a new activity – building a chicken coop. In the new one hour episode of “Kate Plus 8,” the kids help assist her to build a home for their chickens. Watch the sneak peek of the new episode below: Award News,[...]

Kate Gosselin is running out of money

HollywoodNews.com: Is Kate Gosselin going broke? “Kate says she can’t count on her ex-husband Jon because he’s broke too!” a source told The National Enquirer. Showbiz Spy was reading the article. “She’s freaking out that he’s not going to be able to make his child support payments. “Kate’s got mortgage[...]

Kate Gosselin gets chickens for the family

HollywoodNews.com: Kate Plus 8 is back with an all-new one hour special. This time, Kate tackles some much needed projects around the house while creating a manual for the many household systems she never had to worry about until recently. Meanwhile, the Gosselin clan gets even bigger when Kate decides[...]

“Kate Plus 8” to premiere on June 6th

HollywoodNews.com: Kate Gosselin has been busy taking care of her kids now that she’s been voted off “Dancing with the Stars.” However, this isn’t stopping her from returning for one last dance on the “Dancing with the Stars” finale. The TLC star is continuing work on her shows to support[...]

Charlie’s Angels’ Kate Jackson says she’s broke

By Greg Hernandez She was supposed to be the smart one on Charlie’s Angels, but now Kate Jackson says she’s broke. The 61-year-old actress, who also starred in the hit shows The Rookies and Scarecrow and Mrs. King, has filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court against her former[...]

Jon Gosselin moving into his own place

Jon Gosselin has been the center of the media, following the divorce of Kate and all of his new young girlfriends that seem to go in and out of his life faster than he can count them. While there has been controversy over their children and how they were treated[...]

Kate Gosselin’s brother attacks John on child labor laws

While Jon Gosselin is in a lawsuit battle against Kate over physical custody of their eight kids, it seems like the situation between the two of them just keeps getting more twisted as the days go by. While John is accusing Kate of being absent from the kids with her[...]