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Taylor Swift adds new greeting cards for spring

HollywoodNews.com: Taylor Swift originally started working with American Greetings Corporation to create cards for Valentine’s Day, but now she is adding a spring line. The new line of cards will reportedly celebrate spring, birthdays, friendship and love, states Taste of Country. There are reportedly 28 more designs and six new[...]

Taylor Swift can be your Valentine’s Day card

HollywoodNews.com: Taylor Swift is always writing songs about love and now you can use her as your Valentine’s Day card to someone special. American Greetings will now have a line of cards inspired by Swift and her music, states Nashville.com. The cards range from romantic love to love between friends,[...]

Taylor Swift does it again with “Speak Now”

By Rudy Klapper HollywoodNews.com: Over 13 million in album sales, multiple Grammy awards, media saturation unheard of since Britney Spears’ heyday, and Taylor Swift still wants us to see her as the proverbial girl up the block. “We got bills to pay / we got nothing figured out,” Ms. Swift[...]