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Lindsay Lohan bails out of jail after five hours

HollywoodNews.com: Lindsay Lohan was bailed out of Lynwood Correctional Facility after a bondsman put up the money for her release. Lindsay was reportedly in custody for about five hours last night when her bail was set at $75,000, states TMZ. Lindsay reportedly left in a black SUV and had a[...]

Lindsay Lohan on her way to getting yet another mug shot

HollywoodNews.com: Lindsay Lohan will soon have another mug shot to add to the collection as she is reportedly on her way to jail right now. Lindsay is reportedly on her way back to Lynwood Correctional Facility, states TMZ. She will reportedly have her fingerprints and mug shot done there once[...]

Lindsay Lohan admits that she needs to return to rehab

HollywoodNews.com: Lindsay Lohan is a free woman again, and it seems as if her last unexpected trip to the Lynwood Correctional Facility opened her eyes up a little. The actress is finally admitting that while she was on a successful path to re-start her career, that her latest slip-up has[...]

Lindsay Lohan is a free woman once again

HollywoodNews.com: After a busy Friday of shockingly being sent to jail, Lindsay Lohan is out once more now that the matter has been appealed and she has posted bail. The young actress has reportedly left Lynwood Correctional Facility after she posted a $300,000 bail, states TMZ. Luckily for Lindsay, the[...]

Lindsay Lohan has three approved visitors while in jail

HollywoodNews.com: As Lindsay Lohan heads back to Lynwood Correctional Facility, it appears three people have been approved to visit Lindsay in “face-to-face” settings. Lindsay’s psychiatrist, addiction specialist and lawyer have all made the cut to visit the actress, states RadarOnline.com. The three are considered “professional visitors” allowed to see Lindsay.[...]

Lindsay Lohan headed back to jail

HollywoodNews.com: You can bet that Lindsay Lohan didn’t see this one coming. The actress is heading back to jail. Judge Elden Fox wasn’t kidding around when he told her that he would keep her to a strict order if she slipped up. Shockingly, he has denied her bail and she[...]

Lindsay got very creative in jail: started her memoirs

HollywoodNews.com: Actress Lindsay Lohan wants write a book about her time in jail. The star filled several notebooks with details about her 13 days in Lynwood Correctional Facility, California, as well as personal things such as relationships and family. Lohan has been transferred to rehab at UCLA Medical Centre. Award[...]

Lindsay Lohan “looking forward to her release”

HollywoodNews.com: Lindsay Lohan may be nearing the end of her jail stint, but that doesn’t mean she’ll have to report straight into her 90-day rehab sentence. Her lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, visited Lindsay today at the Lynwood Correctional Facility and said that “She’s looking forward to her release. It’s a[...]

Lindsay Lohan meets with multiple reps from rehab facilities

HollywoodNews.com: Lindsay Lohan has been serving her sentence at the Lynwood Correctional Facility and it seems as if she’s already preparing herself for the second half of her sentence. She has been meeting with multiple reps from rehab facilities, according to TMZ. Even though Lindsay spent time with each of[...]

Lindsay Lohan coping with jail by “creating art”

HollywoodNews.com: Lindsay Lohan has been on a roller coaster ride ever since entering the Lynwood Correctional Facility for her sentence. While she has had some fits of crying, her lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, says that she’s doing better now. Holley told People after visiting her today, “She’s good. She’s eating[...]