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“Spider-Man” producers shout early reviews are “uncool”

By Sean O’Connell Hollywoodnews.com: Producers and spokesmen associated with the as-yet-unopened Broadway musical “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark” are lashing out at the multiple critics who panned the show while its still in previews. “The PILE-ON by the critics was ridiculous and uncalled for. Their actions are unprecedented and UNCOOL,”[...]

Jeremy Renner will cameo as Hawkeye in next summer’s “Thor”

By Sean O’Connell Hollywoodnews.com: Marvel has a history of teasing its upcoming films in its current projects. Think of Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury cameo at the end of the original “Iron Man,” Robert Downey Jr. appearing as Tony Stark at the end of “The Incredible Hulk,” and the sight[...]

Watch: Marvel Studios’ panels from Comic-Con featuring ‘Thor,’ ‘Captain America,’ ‘Avengers’

HollywoodNews.com: Marvel has just released the footage from their panels at Comic-Con. The studio gave fans a first look at the cast and crew of “The Avengers,” “Captain America: The First Avenger,” and “Thor” through some Q&A panels. Watch the panels below: Award News, Breaking News, Entertainment News, Movie News,[...]

Spider-Man swings into theaters in 3D

Spider-Man will swing into theaters worldwide in 3D beginning July 3, 2012, it was announced today by Jeff Blake, Chairman of Sony Pictures Worldwide Marketing & Distribution. The new film which is still untitled, will begin production later this year directed by Marc Webb from a screenplay by James Vanderbilt.[...]