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Hot Hollywood Star of the Week: Rachel McAdams Photo Gallery – Feb. 18, 2012

HollywoodNews.com: Rachel McAdams’ movie career is continuing to grow as she can now be seen in the successful film ‘The Vow’ with Channing Tatum. And while she has already starred in the ‘Sherlock Holmes’ films and ‘The Notebook,’ it doesn’t look like her career will be slowing down anytime soon.[...]

Rachel McAdams opens up about latest romance

HollywoodNews.com: Rachel McAdams has been dating Michael Sheen for some time now, and she seems more than happy to talk about the romance that is making her so happy these days. McAdams spoke with ‘The Sunday Telegraph’s Stella’ about her relationship and how the two make it work as actors,[...]

Rachel McAdams admits she wasn’t the best McDonald’s employee

HollywoodNews.com: Rachel McAdams may have a successful film career, but she wasn’t as successful during her time as a McDonald’s employee. McAdams recently admitted to ‘Glamour’ magazine that her three years there weren’t the easiest, states UsMagazine.com. “I was not a great employee; I broke the orange juice machine one[...]

Rachel McAdams may be sporting an engagement ring

HollywoodNews.com: Rachel McAdams may be completely off the market as it seems that she is now possibly sporting an engagement ring. Recently, McAdams was seen with a ring on her wedding ring finger, states UsMagazine.com. McAdams has been dating ‘Twilight’ actor Michael Sheen. His manager has reportedly denied the rumors,[...]

Rachel McAdams got bruised in bedroom scenes for film

HollywoodNews.com: Rachel McAdams may have suffered a few bumps and bruises on the set of ‘Morning Glory,’ but it had nothing to do with action scenes. The actress admits to the injuries when filming with Patrick Wilson because the director, Roger Michell, wanted them to be “tumbling,” states Digital Spy.[...]

Rachel McAdams told off about her acting choices

HollywoodNews.com: Rachel McAdams has gotten a good amount of attention in the entertainment industry, but one person hasn’t been too happy with her work choices. McAdams revealed that she once had a U.S. Immigration official stop her and tell her to stop making “stupid movies,” reports Hollyscoop. The actress admits[...]

Rachel McAdams is the Queen of Hearts in Michael Sheen’s life

HollywoodNews.com: No, Rachel McAdams apparently isn’t dating Owen Wilson as reports suggested this summer on the set of Woody Allen’s “Midnight in Paris.” Turns out the “Wedding Crashers” actress has eyes for Michael Sheen, the gent who played Tony Blair in “The Queen.” Page Six had the news. The couple[...]

Rachel McAdams lures younger “sister” to romantic drama “The Vow”

By Sean O’Connell Hollywoodnews.com: Did you know Rachel McAdams had a sister? Not a real sister, mind you. Australian actress Jessica McNamee instead has been cast as McAdams’ estranged sister in a romantic drama titled “The Vow,” according to the Hollywood Reporter. The movie tells the true-life story of newlyweds[...]

Rachel McAdams dating Owen Wilson?

HollywoodNews.com: Although they played a couple in the hit comedy ‘Wedding Crashers,’ Rachel McAdams and Owen Wilson have always just been friends, but now things may be heating up on the set of their next film Woody Allen’s ‘Midnight in Paris.’ While the two stars haven’t said anything about a[...]