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Lil Wayne caught with a pair of headphones in jail

HollywoodNews.com: Lil Wayne has been actively keeping his fans updated on his progress in jail during his stint for a gun-possession charge back in March. However, it seems as if the rapper’s desire to use the situation to write some new music has gotten him into a bit of trouble.[...]

Hey Monday’s “Beneath It All” gets a release date

HollywoodNews.com: Pop-rock group Hey Monday are gearing up for their sophomore album, “Beneath It All.” Decaydance/Columbia Records has just announced that it will be released on August 17th, but until then fans can go to their website to stream their new song “Wish You Were Here.” There will also be[...]

Paris Hilton joins the USO

Hollywoodnews.com: Paris Hilton will be serving as the “celebrity ambassador” for the USO’s “Song for Soldiers.” “I’m always looking for ways I can use my voice as a celebrity and I think there is nothing more worthwhile and patriotic than supporting our troops. When I first heard about the Songs[...]