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Ryan Seacrest allegedly helping YouTube star Rebecca Black

HollywoodNews.com: YouTube sensation Rebecca Black may be receiving a lot of harsh criticism these days, but Ryan Seacrest apparently wants to lend her a hand. After meeting the “Friday” singer, Seacrest reportedly helped Black sign with a music manager, states TMZ. It is being reported that Black is now working[...]

Taylor Swift sued by a manager for commission

HollywoodNews.com: Taylor Swift is reportedly finding herself in some legal trouble like many other young starlets right now. Music manager Dan Dymtrow is reportedly suing Swift and her parents over commission he believes he is owed for helping jumpstart her career, states Digital Spy. He is claiming that a contract[...]

Beyoncé’s take on her father’s love child: All the angry ladies

Hollywoodnews.com: Columbia Record executives are concerned that a family feud between Beyoncé Knowles and her father-manager Matthew might be bad for the pop icon’s business down the road. Simply put: Knowles is irate with her father after he fathered a love child with Alexsandra Wright, 38, a woman who is[...]