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Charlie Sheen’s goddess: living situation was uncomfortable

HollywoodNews.com: Although they always seemed to say that everything was just fine, Charlie Sheen’s goddesses were apparently not happy with their living situation. Bree Olson (Rachel Oberlin) recently opened up about how the women weren’t happy with Sheen’s living style, states RadarOnline.com. She admits that the other goddess, Natalie Kenly,[...]

Charlie Sheen is reportedly without any goddesses

HollywoodNews.com: Change is apparently in the air for Charlie Sheen as it is being rumored that he now has no goddesses in his life. It is rumored that Sheen’s remaining goddess, Natalie Kenly, ended up moving out recently, states TMZ. However, it wasn’t a nice split because he allegedly demanded[...]

Charlie Sheen celebrates goddess’ birthday in California

HollywoodNews.com: Charlie Sheen is keeping a fairly low profile these days, but did step out to celebrate goddess Natalie Kenly’s birthday. The two reportedly celebrated with a group at the W Hotel’s NineThirty restaurant in Westwood, California, states RadarOnline.com. However, in images from the event, Sheen is looking pretty thin[...]

Charlie Sheen is apparently down to one goddess

HollywoodNews.com: Charlie Sheen seems to be losing some of his appeal as fans aren’t as excited about him and now it seems even one of his goddesses is over him. It is being rumored that Bree Olson has decided to leave his little group, states TMZ. Olson reportedly decided she[...]

Charlie Sheen protected by former Israeli military veterans

HollywoodNews.com: After Charlie Sheen had a trespasser at his home, it seems he decided that he needs some serious security. Sheen and his “goddess” Natalie Kenly reportedly have a team of former Israeli military veterans protecting them round-the-clock, states RadarOnline.com. The decision to hire security to protect Sheen all day,[...]

Charlie Sheen debuts web show, ‘Sheen’s Korner’

HollywoodNews.com: Charlie Sheen keeps on going and has now debuted his web show called ‘Sheen’s Korner.’ Sheen reportedly opened the show by giving a shout-out to his children, states PopEater. He then continued the show that involved “goddess” Natalie Kenly. Rachel Oberlin (Bree Olson) has reportedly left for now to[...]

Charlie Sheen’s “goddesses” are also on drug “Charlie Sheen”

HollywoodNews.com: Charlie Sheen wants to make it clear that his “goddesses” are just as sober as he is, in fact, they all take the same single drug, “Charlie Sheen.” Sheen revealed on ‘Access Hollywood Live’ that his home with Bree Olson and model Natalie Kenly is totally sober, states RadarOnline.com.[...]

More about Charlie Sheen’s lifestyle with his “goddesses”

HollywoodNews.com: Apparently, for Charlie Sheen, life is good with his “goddesses.” And the “goddesses” want everyone to know just how good they have it. Rachel Oberlin and Natalie Kenly apparently love their unconventional life, states People. “I’ve always felt that a man should be able to be with as many[...]

Charlie Sheen introduces the public to his “goddesses”

HollywoodNews.com: Charlie Sheen is continuing on with his public interviews and in the latest one he is introducing the public to his girlfriends. Sheen has been talking quite a bit about his “goddesses” and now we all get to meet them, states RadarOnline.com. In his ‘Good Morning America’ segment, Sheen[...]

Charlie Sheen leaves on vacation with three women?

HollywoodNews.com: Even though he is supposed to be focusing on rehab, it seems nothing will stop Charlie Sheen from living his life the way he wants to live it. Sheen has reportedly left for a tropical vacation with three women, states RadarOnline.com. He reportedly took ex Brooke Mueller with him,[...]