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George Clooney, Keira Knightley, Michael Fassbender in full TIFF 2011 press conferences – AWARDS ALLEY

By Sean O’Connell Hollywoodnews.com: A veritable treasure trove of film festival coverage arrived online this afternoon as the official YouTube site for the Toronto International Film Festival started posting multi-camera coverage of the fest’s various press conferences. For those of us attending the fest, it’s very easy to skip these[...]

Olivia Wilde talks not being able to kiss Justin Timberlake on film

HollywoodNews.com: Olivia Wilde has worked with Justin Timberlake on a number of films, but she is slightly bummed she has never gotten to kiss him on film. Wilde will play Timberlake’s mother in the futuristic film ‘Now,’ and quickly realized their onscreen relationship would be tricky, states Hollyscoop. “You’re trying[...]

Amanda Seyfried reveals she is ready for children

HollywoodNews.com: Ryan Phillippe may be gearing up for more children if his rumored girlfriend, Amanda Seyfried, gets her way. The actress recently revealed to ‘Now’ magazine that she already has her biological clock ticking, states Hollyscoop. “I can’t wait to have my own! I think it’s really exciting to know[...]

Justin Timberlake was absent for ‘Social Network’ at Globes

HollywoodNews.com: Justin Timberlake was a part of the ‘Social Network’ success, but wasn’t able to support the film by attending the Golden Globes this year. The actor who played Napster founder Sean Parker in the film was apparently too busy working on another film, states UsMagazine.com. Timberlake was working on[...]

Amanda Seyfried, Ryan Phillippe get cozy on movie set

HollywoodNews.com: Not too long after Reese Witherspoon announced her engagement, her ex-husband Ryan Phillippe isn’t hiding his romance anymore. It appears that Amanda Seyfried and Ryan Phillippe are enjoying their time together as he stopped by her movie set, states UsMagazine.com. Phillippe apparently stopped by the set of ‘Now’ to[...]

Justin Timberlake still filming despite leg injury

HollywoodNews.com: Justin Timberlake has reportedly been filming despite the fact that he was recently injured on the set of the film ‘Now.’ Timberlake allegedly injured his leg while performing a stunt for the film in Los Angeles, states Entertainment Tonight. However, the actor has since continued shooting after the mid-week[...]

Kim Kardashian wants a big family

Hollywoodnews.com: The man who takes Kim Kardashian’s hand in marriage will be truly lucky: Our Kim would like to have four kids. Kim caught kid fever from her sister Kourtney: she just adores her nephew Mason Dash. Speaking to Now, the 29-year-old said: “I definitely want kids in the next[...]