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Levi Johnston reportedly marrying girlfriend this weekend

HollywoodNews.com: Levi Johnston is apparently all set to wed his girlfriend and the mother of his second child. It is reported that Johnston and Sunny Oglesby are set to walk down the aisle this weekend after welcoming their first child in September, states UsMagazine.com. The two will reportedly marry in[...]

Bristol Palin gets the boot from ‘Dancing with the Stars’

HollywoodNews.com: Although she survived being in the bottom on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ quite a bit, it seems that Bristol Palin just couldn’t survive any longer. The daughter of Sarah Palin ended up being voted off the reality competition TV show after almost being in last place the night before,[...]

Sarah Palin opens up about Levi Johnston

HollywoodNews.com: There has always been a lot of drama between Sarah Palin’s family and Levi Johnston, but things are starting up again now that he is having another child with another woman. Johnston has reportedly recently commented on the Palin family keeping his son with Bristol away from him. Now,[...]

Bristol Palin slammed again by Levi Johnston’s sister

HollywoodNews.com: Mercede Johnston is on the attack and going after her brother’s former girlfriend and her whole family. Levi Johnston’s sister recently went off on the Palin family in ‘Playboy’ as she claims Sarah Palin prefers to parade her children around at events rather than sending them to school, states[...]

Sarah Palin keeps her tour itinerary private even with supporters

HollywoodNews.com: Sarah Palin isn’t letting anyone know the exact details of her tour of historic sites on the East Coast which has left people turning up all over to spot her. Supporters and media turned out at the Civil War battlefield of Gettysburg, but found that she didn’t show up,[...]

Sarah Palin takes part in motorcycle rally in Washington

HollywoodNews.com: Sarah Palin has made it to Washington, except this time it was just for the annual Rolling Thunder motorcycle rally. Palin took part in the event, which honors military veterans, and got some wondering about a presidential run, states OMG!. This event was reportedly the first stop in a[...]

Bristol Palin admits she should have waited to have her son

HollywoodNews.com: Bristol Palin completely loves her young son, but she does regret having him when she did. Sarah Palin’s daughter is admitting that she wishes she could go back and wait to get pregnant, states UsMagazine.com. “Being a teen mom is not ideal at all and I wish that I[...]

Kathy Griffin vs. Sarah Palin continues

By Greg Hernandez HollywoodNews.com: The Palin family continues to be the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to Kathy Griffin’s stand-up material. First she faux dated Levi Johnston (father of Bristol Palin’s son) for awhile then she joked that Bristol was the “white Precious” because she seemed to[...]

Sarah Palin’s show not yet going for a second season

HollywoodNews.com: Despite the ratings ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’ brought in for TLC, it seems the show won’t be back for a second season. It is currently rumored that the season finale will be the last show of the series, states Entertainment Weekly. However, it is unknown why the show is coming[...]

Bristol Palin is pleased with Levi Johnston’s new girlfriend

HollywoodNews.com: Levi Johnston has apparently moved onto a new girlfriend and the mother of his child, Bristol Palin, appears to approve already. Palin admitted that she thinks she is happy for his new relationship with Sunny Oglesby because it has started to make him a better man, reports E! News.[...]