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Amy Winehouse’s father plans to never let biopic happen

HollywoodNews.com: Although many may expect for an Amy Winehouse biopic to be made, her father, Mitch Winehouse, isn’t going to let it happen. Mitch currently owns the rights to Amy’s music and won’t be allowing them to be released, states People. “It would hardly be a biopic without the music,”[...]

Amy Winehouse’s last boyfriend speaks out on passing

HollywoodNews.com: Amy Winehouse’s last boyfriend, Reg Traviss, has taken some time to speak out about how hard the loss of the young singer has been. Traviss spoke to ‘The Sun’ about losing someone so important in his life, states RadarOnline.com. “I can’t describe what I am going through and I[...]

Amy Winehouse ready to be married

HollywoodNews.com: Singer Amy Winehouse was turned down by boyfriend Reg Traviss when she reportedly asked him to marry her. The 27-year-old star allegedly proposed to her beau after bringing round a takeaway curry and a bottle of champagne. However the 33-year-old film director did not accept her proposal as he[...]

Amy Winehouse considering having children

HollywoodNews.com: Singer Amy Winehouse has admitted she is starting to think about having children. The 27-year-old performer is dating film producer Reg Traviss and said she would like to be a mom in the not-too-distant future. She said to UK’s Glamour magazine: “I’m of the age when you start thinking[...]

Amy Winehouse’s new boyfriend turned on after Amy gets a pedi and a pink dress, bites boob

HollywoodNews.com: Singer Amy Winehouse’s new boyfriend Reg Traviss reportedly can’t keep his hands off her. Winehouse, 26, has been dating the film director, 33, for the past couple of months and recently attended the London premiere of his new film ‘Psychosis’ in Leicester Square. A source told UK newspaper the[...]

Amy Winehouse cleans up her image thanks to new boyfriend

HollywoodNews.com: Turns out Amy Winehouse’ s new boyfriend Reg Traviss is a bit of a Professor Higgins. The British Media has been praising the guy as the catalyst which has cleaned up Winehouse completely in recent weeks. The soul singer has apparently given up drinking, drugs and smoking. Winehouse’s best[...]

Amy Winehouse admits herself into The London Clinic again

HollywoodNews.com: Amy Winehouse should just start calling The London Clinic her second home. The singer has checked herself in and out of the rehab center many times and now she’s back in again. Apparently her new beau, film producer Reg Traviss, has had enough of her booze tactics. A source[...]

Amy Winehouse checks into rehab to save her relationship

Hollywoodnews.com: Amy Winehouse went back to rehab and she didn’t say “No, no, no.” In effort to keep her new squeeze, U.K. film producer Reg Traviss, she spent the weekend “drying out” according to The Sun. Her routine retreat is The London Clinic and apparently she checks in often. Her[...]

Amy Winehouse getting close to new beau

HollywoodNews.com: Amy Winehouse has been through her fair share of guys. The last we heard she was getting back together with ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil, but it looks like she’s on a completely different path. She has now been linked to singer Reg Traviss, spending a lot of time together and[...]

Amy Winehouse has a new boyfriend, Fielder-Civil no more

Hollywoodnews.com: Call the neighbors, wake the kids: Amy Winehouse has a new boyfriend. After news that she kissed and made up with Blake Fielder-Civil, she dumped her drug addict ex and has been locking lips with Reg Traviss, director of the U.K. horror film “Psychosis.” The Sun has been spying[...]