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Robert Pattinson on dealing with shirtless scenes

HollywoodNews.com: Women don’t seem to mind when Robert Pattison has his shirt off, and he doesn’t seem to be bothered too much, but he does enjoy when it’s over. Pattinson revealed to ‘Entertainment Weekly’ that he works hard when he knows he will be shirtless like with ‘Twilight,’ states TOWLEROAD.[...]

Twilight’s Michael Welch steps into the light

CLICK TO SEE NEW VIDEOS OF ROBERT PATTINSON, KRISTEN STEWART AND TAYLOR LAUTNER By Kim Palacios HollywoodNews.com: Either the Twilight franchise is running out of news, or Michael Welch is stepping farther into the spotlight. The actor who plays the minor character Mike Newton in the Twilight films suddenly got[...]

The “Twilight” cast gives back

By Tracy Rosenfield HollywoodNews.com: The “Twilight” cast is a well-known (and large!) group of actors.  But in their “off” time, many of them use their celebrity to support charitable causes and help the greater good.  Below are some of the actors and the charitable causes they support.  If you know[...]