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Katie Couric ‘GMA’ co-hosting gig reportedly upsetting people

HollywoodNews.com: Katie Couric is co-hosting ‘Good Morning America’ while Robin Roberts is on vacation, but it seems this major move is not a totally happy one. It is being rumored that many people involved with the show are upset over the decision as they feel it is hurtful toward Roberts,[...]

Demi Lovato talks about being bullied over her weight

HollywoodNews.com: Demi Lovato is now opening up about everything that has been going on and letting her fans know about her struggle with her weight and body image. Lovato reportedly spoke with ‘Good Morning America’ and Robin Roberts about the struggle, states RadarOnline.com. “When I would ask them why [they’d[...]

Demi Lovato’s first TV interview scheduled to air April 22nd

HollywoodNews.com: It was recently revealed that Demi Lovato had taken part in a TV interview with Robin Roberts and now there is an air date. Roberts revealed the news over Twitter, stating that fans can expect the interview to air on Friday, April 22nd, states HollywoodLife. Lovato reportedly taped the[...]

Chris Brown gets defended by Rosie O’Donnell

HollywoodNews.com: Chris Brown has received a lot of backlash for his past and recent actions that include the matter with Rihanna and his outburst on ‘Good Morning America,’ but another star is coming to his defense. Rosie O’Donnell is speaking up on her radio show in his defense, believing that[...]

Demi Lovato may be talking about rehab on TV soon

HollywoodNews.com: Demi Lovato may be ready to talk about the rough past few months as it seems she was recently filming an interview. Lovato revealed over Twitter that she was up to something big in New York, states HollywoodLife. Then, Robin Roberts revealed over Twitter that she spent her day[...]

ABC punished Adam Lambert, but not Chris Brown?

HollywoodNews.com: ABC has decided to allow Chris Brown to perform on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and are leaving an invitation for him if he wants to come back to ‘Good Morning America,’ but the treatment for Adam Lambert was quite different when he kissed another guy. After Lambert’s performance for[...]

Chris Brown apologizes for ‘Good Morning America’ incident

HollywoodNews.com: Chris Brown has decided to come forward and apologize for what happened with his ‘Good Morning America’ appearance, but he also took the time to call them out. Brown apologized while appearing on ‘106 & Park’ on BET, states TMZ. “I got very emotional and I apologize for that,”[...]

Details about Chris Brown’s ‘GMA’ flip out over Rihanna

HollywoodNews.com: It has been reported that Chris Brown had a bit of a melt down while at ‘Good Morning America,’ but now the details are coming out in regard to what happened. Brown was reportedly upset when Robin Roberts asked him about the Rihanna assault of 2009 and his now[...]

Oscar’s Red Carpet Live: Robin Roberts, Tim Gunn, Krista Smith and Maria Menounos will host

HollywoodNews.com: Robin Roberts, Tim Gunn, Krista Smith and Maria Menounos will host “Oscar’s Red Carpet Live” for the 83rd Academy Awards®, pre-show executive producers Charlie Haykel and Juliane Hare announced today. This will be Smith’s first time hosting the Oscar® pre-show. Menounos hosted the red carpet show for the 76th[...]