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Bristol Palin’s new beau may be worse than Levi Johnston

HollywoodNews.com: Bristol Palin has reportedly be dating a new guy, but by the looks of it, she may want to dump him soon. Palins’ new guy, Giacinto “Gino” Paoletti, doesn’t seem to be all that good for her based on some recent Facebook statements, states HollywoodLife. A number of his[...]

Kate Gosselin and kids go camping with Sarah Palin

HollywoodNews.com: Let the meeting of the power moms commence! For an upcoming episode of Sarah Palin’s Alaska, Kate Gosselin and her brood join the politician for some adventures in the wilderness. However, the great wide open spaces may have been a little much for the mother of eight. “I have[...]

Sarah Palin’s reality show finds home on TLC

It’s official: Discovery Communications has acquired “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” an eight-part documentary series that will premiere on TLC. “Our family enjoys Discovery’s networks,” Palin said in an official release. “I look forward to working with (producer) Mark (Burnett) to bring the wonder and majesty of Alaska to all Americans.” “TLC[...]