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Sarah Palin would deport “foreigner” Christina Aguilera

“‘Oopsies!’: Us Weekly apologizes to Sarah Palin over using fake quotes” HollywoodNews.com: “Sarah Palin cannot hide her anger with the fact that Christina Aguilera messed up part of the National Anthem at the Super Bowl this year and she thinks action needs to be taken,” US Weekly wrongly reported. Sorry… “Whoops! Us[...]

Elton John sings at Rush Limbaugh’s wedding for $1 million

Hollywoodnews.com: Conservative right was entertained by far flung left after radio commentator Rush Limbaugh hired Elton John to sing at his wedding. Per People magazine, John, who is an outspoken gay civil-union advocate, crooned to a crowd of 400 until the late hours of Saturday. Limbaugh, 59, tied the[...]