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Christina Aguilera admits to new, budding relationship?

HollywoodNews.com: Although Christina Aguilera only announced her divorce filing about six weeks ago, she is apparently admitting that she is in a new relationship and feels a lot of love for the new guy. The singer and actress reportedly admits in a ‘People’ magazine interview that she is dating ‘Burlesque’[...]

Christina Aguilera has apparently met the mom

HollywoodNews.com: Christina Aguilera may be in the very early stages of a new relationship with ‘Burlesque’ set assistant Matthew Rutler, but that hasn’t stopped her from meeting his mom. Over the holiday weekend, the rumored couple went to New York to spend time with his friends, states People. They reportedly[...]

Is Christina Aguilera seeking support from another man?

HollywoodNews.com: Christina Aguilera has a lot going on right now with a movie about to premiere and a divorce that was just recently filed, but it seems she has people to lean on if needed. It is being rumored that the singer is spending time with Matthew Rutler who was[...]