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Jessica Biel, Justin Timberlake reportedly back on

HollywoodNews.com: Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake are reportedly back on as she allegedly kept him company during an after party for the premiere of his latest film ‘In Time.’ Biel reportedly didn’t go to the premiere but hung out with the singer and actor after the event, states UsMagazine.com. The[...]

Justin Timberlake surprises New Yorkers with a performance

HollywoodNews.com: Justin Timberlake gave fans a nice surprise when he stepped out in New York for a random performance. Timberlake showed up at his Southern Hospitality restaurant where he took the mic and performed for everyone there, states TMZ. Timberlake was there performing with FreeSol. The singer and actor mostly[...]

Justin Timberlake interested in moving on with Mila Kunis?

HollywoodNews.com: Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel just announced their split, but it sounds like the singer and actor might have his eyes set on someone new. Timberlake has reportedly been very flirty with his ‘Friends With Benefits’ costar Mila Kunis, states E! News. It is rumored that Timberlake is very[...]

Justin Timberlake’s new single leaked online?

HollywoodNews.com: Justin Timberlake seemed to be focusing on his acting career, but now it appears he is ready to get back to music. Apparently Timberlake’s newest single leaked online, states Hollyscoop. The brand new single is reportedly called “Take You Down.” And Timberlake apparently decided to work with The Neptunes[...]

Justin Timberlake’s mother taught him how to treat women

HollywoodNews.com: Justin Timberlake has always talked about his great relationship with his mother, Lynn Harless, and credits her with teaching him how to treat women. The singer and actor believes she instilled in him a high opinion of women: “She’s been so supportive. She’s partly the reason why I have[...]

Justin Timberlake may be getting a very young mother

HollywoodNews.com: Justin Timberlake is reportedly reuniting with some of his ‘Alpha Dog’ costars for a film where his mom will be played by someone who is actually younger than him. Olivia Wilde will reportedly play the singer and actor’s mother in a film where aging stops at 25, states Just[...]

Justin Timberlake isn’t like his ‘Social Network’ character

HollywoodNews.com: Although Justin Timberlake plays Napster founder Sean Parker in ‘Social Network,’ don’t expect the singer and actor to have much in common with his film counterpart. Timberlake admits that he is “ridiculously stupid when it comes to social networking,” states E! News. And while he doesn’t have any Internet[...]

Justin Timberlake isn’t a Facebook fan

HollywoodNews.com: Despite appearing in the upcoming movie about Facebook, ‘The Social Network,’ Justin Timberlake isn’t all that into the online social scene. Revealing that he doesn’t have time for social networking online, Timberlake prefers “direct contact,” reports Digital Spy. While he does think it’s a nice concept to be able[...]