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Bret Michaels Update: Released from Hospital

Earlier today we reported that Bret Michael’s doctors said that he will make a 100 percent recovery and that he is one of the 10-20 percent that actually make a full recovery from this kind of injury. Every since suffering a brain hemorrhage, he has been under intensive care at[...]

Bret Michaels Update: “Will make a 100 percent recovery”

Bret Michaels has been in 24 hour care in ICU at the Barrow Neurological Institute at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona. The “Celebrity Apprentice” star has taken headlines around the world as many fans are eagerly waiting to hear the progress of the rock star. Last we heard was[...]

Bret Michaels being treated in Phoenix, Arizona

Bret Michaels has been in the ICU under 24-hour supervision ever since a brain hemorrhage caused him to be sent to the hospital. Just a couple weeks before that he was sent to the hospital to undergo emergency appendectomy, which has not helped in making the recovery process any easier.[...]