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Sarah Palin begs judge to not lift restraining order against stalker

HollywoodNews.com: Sarah Palin continues to remain in the spotlight, especially at home in Alaska and now she’s filing more legal papers in an attempt to keep herself safe. The new reality star has just filed papers in Alaska in which she practically begs the judge not to lift the restraining[...]

Audrina Patridge still waiting for stalker to be sentenced

HollywoodNews.com: As Audrina Patridge works hard on ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ she is being forced to wait for a decision to be made about her stalker. The former ‘Hills’ star’s stalker, Zachary James Loring, did plead no contest in the matter, but has had his case continued, states ABC. Patridge[...]

Shawn Johnson’s fan is officially a felony stalker

HollywoodNews.com: Shawn Johnson put herself on the radar when she won the gold medal on the balance beam at the 2008 Olympics. Since then she has appeared on “Dancing with the Stars” where an obsessed fan tried to find her on set. Robert O’Ryan went looking for her last year[...]

Twilight: Kristen Stewart stalker buzz intensifies

By Kim Palacios HollywoodNews.com: When, on June 2nd, I first wrote about Kristen Stewart‘s stalker confession in Elle UK magazine, few other outlets seemed to care about the story. Yet, recent speculation that Stewart isn’t taking her stalker seriously has pushed the issue farther into to the spotlight. “I have[...]