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New details about Selena Gomez’s alleged stalker

HollywoodNews.com: Selena Gomez’s alleged stalker, Thomas Brodnicki, was set free yesterday after a judge decided to not charge him with felony stalking, but the case may not be over yet. The LAPD’s Threat Management Unit reportedly plans on interviewing him once again and seeing if they can place him on[...]

Selena Gomez’s alleged stalker allowed to go free

HollywoodNews.com: Selena Gomez’s alleged stalker is back out free as a judge has dismissed his felony stalking charge. It was reportedly decided that there was no proof that Thomas Brodnicki intended to convey the threats, states TMZ. Despite LAPD detectives reporting that he is a credible threat, he is being[...]

Selena Gomez apparently does have reason to fear for life

HollywoodNews.com: Selena Gomez is dealing with a possibly threatening issue that has a Los Angeles Police Department detective concerned for her life. The detective who once interviewed Thomas Brodnicki about his threats toward Gomez feels like this man could be a real threat, states TMZ. The detective reportedly felt that[...]

Selena Gomez’s alleged stalker pleads not guilty

HollywoodNews.com: Selena Gomez has reportedly been dealing with a stalker who is finally in court for the matter, but has pleaded not guilty to the charges. Thomas Brodnicki has pleaded not guilty to one count of stalking, states RadarOnline.com. If he is found guilty of stalking the young star, he[...]

Selena Gomez reportedly facing serious death threats

Hollywoodnews.com: Selena Gomez is reportedly at the center of a serious death threat, but this time it doesn’t include teen girls who are fans of Justin Bieber. Gomez and her lawyer reportedly have the LAPD Threat Management Unit on the case involving a man named Thomas Brodnicki, states TMZ. The[...]

Nicole Richie gets restraining order on daughter’s behalf

HollywoodNews.com: Nicole Richie has apparently just gotten a restraining order against a photographer who has reportedly been stalking her daughter at her preschool. The restraining order is reportedly against Fabricio Luis Mariotto as he has been at Harlow’s school and accused of driving erratically, attempting to scare Richie’s family, states[...]

Leonardo DiCaprio’s request for restraining order granted

HollywoodNews.com: Leonardo DiCaprio is currently in the process of dealing with an alleged stalker who is threatening his safety. The actor filed a temporary restraining order against Livia Bistriceanu claiming that she is stalking him and is a threat of violence and now his wish has been granted. He wrote[...]

Leonardo DiCaprio having problems with another woman

By Molly Sullivan HollywoodNews.com: While Leonardo DiCaprio is in the middle of a matter involving a woman who allegedly attacked him with a broken glass years ago, he’s also dealing with an alleged stalker who is threatening his safety. The actor has filed a temporary restraining order against Livia Bistriceanu[...]

Sandra Bullock gets restraining order

HollywoodNews.com: Oscar-winner Sandra Bullock has even bigger problems to deal with, a stalker for the last seven years. According to The Vancouver Sun, Bullock was able to get a temporary restraining order against her alleged stalker, Thomas James Weldon. The actress reportedly began to believe that Weldon was stalking her[...]