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Tom Cruise spent Thanksgiving with Suri Cruise

HollywoodNews.com: Tom Cruise may be spending a bit of time away from Suri Cruise while she lives with her mother, Katie Holmes, but he at least got to have her around for Thanksgiving. Cruise got to have his daughter with him for Thanksgiving which they celebrated in England, states UsMagazine.com.[...]

Katie Holmes had Thanksgiving without Suri

HollywoodNews.com: Things have certainly changed for Katie Holmes in the last year, and this Thanksgiving she had to spend her first one away from her daughter, Suri. Katie’s daughter was reportedly spending the holiday with Tom Cruise while she was going to visit her family, states RadarOnline. Holmes is currently[...]

Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise divorce allegedly pays her nothing

HollywoodNews.com: It looks like Katie Holmes really wasn’t interested in Tom Cruise’s money because her divorce settlement with him resulted in nothing for her. Katie allegedly received no lump sum payment or spousal support, although she will receive some child support for their daughter, Suri, states TMZ. He will allegedly[...]

Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise have divorce finalized

HollywoodNews.com: Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are apparently no longer married as it is reported that their divorce has been finalized. The two announced their split at the end of June and quickly reached a settlement in regard to child custody issues. Now, it seems that things have continued to[...]

Katie Holmes reportedly moving out of home with Tom Cruise

HollywoodNews.com: Katie Holmes is apparently completely done with her relationship with Tom Cruise as she has reportedly moved out of their home together. She has allegedly moved her stuff out of their Beverly Hills home they once shared together, states RadarOnline. Cruise will reportedly be keeping the home where moving[...]

Tom Cruise reportedly looking for home in NYC for daughter

HollywoodNews.com: Tom Cruise is apparently very serious about maintaining a close relationship with his daughter, Suri Cruise, despite his split with Katie Holmes. It is rumored that he is looking for a new place in New York City in order to be close to his daughter, states UsMagazine.com. He reportedly[...]

Tom Cruise Years of Doubt and Skepticism

HollywoodNews.com: Tom Cruise may have been blindsided by Katie Holmes’ divorce papers, but we – the media and the public – were more than ready. Rarely has a Hollywood couple drawn more skepticism, from the moment they revealed their togetherness. Going back to the dawning of their relationship in 2005,[...]

Katie Holmes reportedly returning to Broadway

HollywoodNews.com: Katie Holmes isn’t letting her divorce hold her back as she is allegedly all set to return to Broadway. Holmes reportedly plans to get back to work with a role in the Broadway play ‘Dead Accounts,’ states RadarOnline. She was previously on Broadway in the show ‘All My Sons.’[...]

Tom Cruise reportedly in New York to see Suri

HollywoodNews.com: It looks like Tom Cruise is finally getting to see his daughter Suri after reaching a divorce settlement with Katie Holmes. Cruise has reportedly finished filming with ‘Oblivion’ and taken off to New York from California, states UsMagazine.com. He will reportedly be spending time in Suri as part of[...]

Katie Holmes’ daughter apparently headed to school

HollywoodNews.com: It looks like Katie Holmes wants Suri Cruise to have as normal a life as possible as the young girl has allegedly just been enrolled in school. It is reported that Suri has recently been enrolled in an all-girls school in New York City, states UsMagazine.com. Suri will allegedly[...]