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Lil Wayne makes surprise appearance at Drake concert

HollywoodNews.com: Lil Wayne is officially back at it as he showed up at Drake’s concert in Las Vegas this weekend. Wayne apparently came out during his song with Drake, “Miss Me,” to give fans the full experience, states TMZ. The number appears to have been a huge hit and drove Drake[...]

T.I. reportedly headed back to jail

HollywoodNews.com: T.I. may have just recently gotten out of jail, but now he will be heading back for almost a year. The rapper violated his probation in relation to previous weapons charges as he was found to be in possession of drugs, states UsMagazine.com. Now he has reportedly been sentenced to[...]

Drake looks up to T.I. despite recent problems

HollywoodNews.com: Drake still looks up to T.I. even though he is now dealing with a drug possession problem while he is on probation for weapons charges. Drake fondly remembers getting to know T.I. and how he told him to always stay focused, reports Digital Spy. Drake feels a bit “hurt” now[...]

Russell Crowe is gonna be kung-fu fighting

HollywoodNews.com: Russell Crowe will be starring in Wu-Tang Clan rapper RZA’s directorial foray “The Man With the Iron Fist.” The film will be set in feudal China and shot on location in Shanghai in December. RZA spoke to E! about the news. Revealing very little about Crowe’s character, who will[...]

T.I. may lose AXE after drug arrest

HollywoodNews.com: T.I. had talked about how he was going to clean up his image after his jail release on weapon charges which led to him making a deal with AXE body spray, but now it seems like it all might fall apart. AXE may be considering letting T.I. go from their[...]

T.I. performs “Motivation” at a club following arrest

HollywoodNews.com: T.I. and his wife may have gotten arrested for allegedly being in possession of ecstasy, but that’s not holding the rap star down. Instead of moping around, he is taking it in stride and is using the incident to fuel him momentum. He showed up at a club in Atlanta[...]

50 Cent’s advice to T.I. and wife

HollywoodNews.com: 50 Cent is giving some questionable advice to T.I. and his wife after their recent problem that resulted in them facing drug charges. The rapper took to Twitter to comment on the news: “Man TI and tiny done got picked up agin for methamphetamines and ecstacy dam man. Tiny gotta[...]

T.I. and wife: drug found was ecstasy

HollywoodNews.com: After being arrested for suspected drug possession, it has reportedly been confirmed that T.I. and his wife did have a controlled substance in their vehicle. The two were pulled over after making an illegal U-turn, which led to the drugs being found. The drug that has been tested ended up[...]

T.I. back in trouble with the law?

HollywoodNews.com: T.I. is currently on probation, but may be back in trouble after claiming he was trying to clean up his act. T.I. and his wife Tameka Cottle were reportedly arrested and booked on the charge of alleged possession of a controlled substance, reports TMZ. When T.I. was pulled over ,[...]

Chris Brown gets good marks on progress report

By Molly Sullivan HollywoodNews.com: Chris Brown headed into court today to follow up with the judge on his felony assault case, and apparently he’s doing a “great job” while abiding by the terms of his probation. Brown pleaded guilty last year to felony assault in the matter that involved Rihanna, but now[...]