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Spotlight on the Stars: Matthew McConaughey

For this week’s spotlight piece, I wanted to take a look at one of the most unusual A-listers that Hollywood has to offer. It’s none other than Matthew McConaughey, a unique star in the business. Up until recently known as a talented but easygoing movie star, he’s since undergone a[...]

JLo dotes on her kids admist diva success

By Staff When it comes to her twins, Jennifer Lopez is no diva. Talking to Parade, Lopez says that always attentive to the needs of daughter Emme and son Max (both are approximately two years old), from kisses to snacks. Lopez makes “sure that they both felt equally loved,” adding,[...]

Jennifer Lopez has many gay friends but says “No, I am not bisexual”

BY GREG HERNANDEZ Jennifer Lopez has a new romantic comedy, The Back-Up Plan, coming out in April 23 so she’s doing all kinds of interviews to promote it. Fortunately, one of those interviews was with Brandon Voss for The Advocate. Here are some excerpts: Gay directors have helmed two of[...]