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Taylor Lautner talks about living two lives

HollywoodNews.com: Taylor Lautner is definitely a rising star in Hollywood, but he’s still getting used to the double life he is kind of leading these days. Lautner recently admitted to ‘Total Film’ magazine that his personal and professional lives are on opposite ends, states RadarOnline.com. “I live my normal side[...]

Robert Pattinson on playing the bad guy in ‘Bel Ami’

HollywoodNews.com: Robert Pattinson’s role in ‘Bel Ami’ will be quite a change for him, so he is hoping that fans hang in there and go on the ride with him. Pattinson recently revealed to Total Film that his upcoming character isn’t what his fans are used to, states HollywoodLife. “We[...]

‘Breaking Dawn’ birth scene shot, Pattinson “chewed it”

HollywoodNews.com: Robert Pattinson recently confirmed that the ‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn’ birth scene had been shot and used some interesting words to describe it. The birth scene has been rumored to be pretty gross and Pattinson seemed to confirm that thought, states Total Film. “Yeah, I’ve done it. I’ve chewed it,[...]

Jack Black used to lie about losing virginity as a youngster

HollywoodNews.com: Funny man Jack Black said he used to lie to his friends and tell them he was no longer a virgin despite being only 10 years old. The 41-year-old actor, who is starring in new movie Gulliver’s Travels, said he felt the pressure to lie to his friends about[...]

Tom Hanks, James McAvoy could float on ‘Cloud Atlas’

HollywoodNews.com: The Wachowski brothers are rebounding from their B.O. flop “Speed Racer” and are cooking up a new film “Cloud Atlas” with some trippy casting choices. The filmmakers, whose project is based on a David Mitchell novel, currently have an offer out to Tom Hanks to play Dr. Henry Goose.[...]

Natalie Portman not wowed by ‘Thor,’ just its director

HollywoodNews.com: Natalie Portman really isn’t a fan of “Thor,” just its director Kenneth Branagh. She wasn’t really that smitten with her part of Jane Foster in the upcoming superhero film based on the Marvel comic-book. “Thor” is set to bow in May 2011. “It was actually not something I was[...]