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‘Twilight’ cast tried to do their own stunts for ‘Breaking Dawn’

HollywoodNews.com: Now that the ‘Twilight’ cast has done a number of the films, they wanted to step up their game for ‘Breaking Dawn.’ Apparently, the cast did a lot of their own stunts in the latest film, states NextMovie. “A lot of what you see will actually be us doing[...]

Robert Pattinson reveals the simple birthday present he wants

HollywoodNews.com: Considering everything Robert Pattinson has been through ever since hitting ‘Twilight’ fame, one would think it’d be hard to impress him with a birthday present. However, the actor is revealing that he has a really simple birthday request, states HollywoodLife. “I like old Hanes t-shirts. That’s genuinely the only[...]

Kristen Stewart’s ‘Snow White’ costar praises her work

HollywoodNews.com: Kristen Stewart is all set to go on ‘Snow White and the Huntsman,’ and her costar, Sam Claflin, is excited to get the opportunity as well. Claflin recently revealed that he is a big fan of the ‘Twilight’ actress, states MTV. “I’m truly sort of flabbergasted — that’s a[...]

Rachel McAdams may be sporting an engagement ring

HollywoodNews.com: Rachel McAdams may be completely off the market as it seems that she is now possibly sporting an engagement ring. Recently, McAdams was seen with a ring on her wedding ring finger, states UsMagazine.com. McAdams has been dating ‘Twilight’ actor Michael Sheen. His manager has reportedly denied the rumors,[...]

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart up against former co-stars in MTV Movie Awards

By Kim Palacios hollywoodnews.com: Robert Pattinson is used to seeing “Twilight” franchise films up against his former series, “Harry Potter”, and his former co-star Daniel Radcliffe up for some of the same awards as he. Yet, for the first time this year, Kristen Stewart will see a former colleague’s film,[...]

Kristen Stewart, Ashley Greene friends outside of ‘Twilight’

HollywoodNews.com: Kristen Stewart and Ashley Greene are apparently friends outside of the ‘Twilight’ franchise despite any rumors of them not getting along. The two reportedly hung out after the Met Ball at the 18th floor of The Standard Hotel in New York, states HollywoodLife. While they were with other people[...]

Robert Pattinson wishes someone would call him to hang out

HollywoodNews.com: Robert Pattinson is starting to really feel the affects of fame and working all the time as he is no longer getting called up to hang out. Pattinson recently revealed that when he has time off, no one really calls him to do anything, states Hollyscoop. “When I’m not[...]

‘Twilight’ scores major MTV Movie Awards nominations

HollywoodNews.com: ‘Twilight’ is clearly at the top of its game as it has just come out on top with the recent MTV Movie Awards nominations. The film franchise was reportedly nominated for eight awards, states People. Both Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were nominated for their roles as Best Female[...]

Possible ‘Breaking Dawn’ wedding, honeymoon hints

HollywoodNews.com: ‘Twilight’ fans everywhere want to know everything they can about the ‘Breaking Dawn’ wedding and honeymoon, and now some random details may be out. With the recent release of images, fans may be seeing a glimpse into the upcoming events, states HollywoodLife. Kristen Stewart’s character is seen hugging Robert[...]

Robert Pattinson has hopes of doing a London play

HollywoodNews.com: Robert Pattinson has already made a huge impression in films with the ‘Twilight’ franchise, but it seems he now has his eyes set on something a little more classic. Pattinson recently admitted to ‘Elle UK’ that he would like to be in a London play one day, states Just[...]