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Twilight cast members chat with fans about “Eclipse”

By Kim Palacios In honor of the world premiere of the latest trailer for “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse”, three cast members joined emcees tonight to answer questions submitted by fans. On deck were Nikki Reed (Rosalie Hale), Bryce Dallas Howard (replacing Rachelle Lefevre for the role of bad vamp Victoria),[...]

Twilight Saga Movies: The 5 Biggest Quirks

By Kim Palacios I loved “Twilight” and “New Moon” as much as any Twi-hard, but that doesn’t mean I’m blind to their flaws. Based on “Eclipse” previews, it already seems fated to follow in the footsteps of its predecessors’ irks and quirks: Vampires are unfathomably beautiful. Though the actors who[...]

Oprah Show releases “Eclipse” trailer online earlier than expected

By Kim Palacios U.S. Twilight Saga fans have been counting down the hours until The Oprah Show airs on their local stations. Yet, this morning, a previously unseen high quality (HQ) “Eclipse” trailer became available on Oprah’s web site. SCROLL DOWN TO VIEW THE TRAILER Earlier this week, I speculated[...]

Twilight’s Peter Facinelli auction piece rivals the most impressive celebrity crafts

By Kim Palacios It seems that Peter Facinelli would do anything for a good cause—even if “anything” means creating bizarre feline-driven art. In partnership with an eco-friendly program called Together We Can, Peter is raising awareness about cat food aluminum can recycling. His contribution? A lot of tweeting about the[...]

Team Cullen and Team Wolfpack: short-changed in the “Twilight” films?

By Kim Palacios There’s always plenty of talk about Team Edward vs. Team Jacob, but what about Team Cullen and Team Wolfpack? Though some Rob and Taylor fans might trade the entire supporting cast for one more moment of screen time with Edward or Jacob, other fans take a more[...]

Want to chat live with the cast of “Eclipse?”

By Kim Palacios Want to chat live with the cast of “Eclipse?” Send in your questions! This Friday 4/23 will be a big day for Twilight Saga fans. In addition to the 4:00PM EST release of the “Eclipse” trailer, fans are in for another treat. Through its official Twitter account[...]

All Twi-addicts remember their first hit…

By Kim Palacios Anyone who’s been around Twilight for long enough knows that all twi-addicts remember their first hit. Tracy blogged about hers on Monday, and now I’ll tell you mine: It was February of 2009. I had barely heard of “Twilight”. I was on the phone with an old[...]

Will the 4/23 “Eclipse” trailer deliver?

By Kim Palacios Want to see a previously unreleased movie trailer for “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse”? Watch Oprah this Friday (April 23rd) for the world premiere, and you’ll be among the first. But, be warned: the March 11th release of the first official trailer (a stingy 1:32 in length) left[...]

Kristen Stewart’s style: glam or sham?

By Kim Palacios Is Kristen Stewart really one of the most fashionable celebrities in Hollywood, or does she simply surrender when the stylists descend? Though Teen Vogue recently named her one of March’s 10 best-dressed, when we catch her in candids, she’s hardly dressed to the nines. I get it–every[...]

IMAX tickets already on sale for some showings of “Eclipse”

By Kim Palacios Think it’s too early to buy tickets for “Eclipse”?  Think again—especially if you want to see it in IMAX.  Whether you’re buying directly through your local theater, or through a mega-site like Fandango or Moviefone, in some places they’re already for sale.  So why should you be[...]