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Demi Lovato has Nick Jonas’ support during hard times Although things didn’t work out between Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas, Lovato will always have the support of Joe’s brother, Nick Jonas. Nick revealed that he will always be there for the young star after all she has been through recently, states E! News. “I think that I’ll always[...]

Demi Lovato’s “Shut Up & Love Me” is leaked Even though it’s been a rocky couple of months for Demi Lovato, things are looking up as a preview of her new single, “Shut Up & Love Me” has been leaked on the internet. The preview of the track showcases Lovato’s strong vocal presence with lyrics such as, “Shut[...]

Demi Lovato gets named on top despite rehab troubles Although Demi Lovato had a rough ending to 2010, that didn’t stop her from earning the title of Top Teen Star of 2010 from Top Hits. Lovato beat out Nick Jonas, among others, for the award, states metroWNY. Lovato had a lot of success earlier this year as she[...]

Demi Lovato deals with Joe Jonas and his new girl As Demi Lovato continues to tour with the Jonas Brothers, she is finding one aspect more difficult than others, Joe Jonas’ new girlfriend. Joe has reportedly been bringing his new girl, ‘Twilight’ star Ashley Greene, around on tour which apparently isn’t easy for Lovato to handle, states Monsters and[...]

Frankie Jonas ranks his rocker brothers Frankie Jonas has revealed how he ranks his famous brothers – and Nick came in first place. The youngest of the Jonas siblings said his favorite brother is 17-year-old Nick. He told “It kind of goes Nick, Joe and Kevin.” The new addition to the Jonas Brothers brand[...]

Demi Lovato knocks down Selena Gomez collaboration rumors

By Molly Sullivan Demi Lovato is finally addressing rumors that she’s going to perform on fellow teen star Selena Gomez’s latest album ‘A Year Without Rain.’ Lovato, who is currently out on tour with the Jonas Brothers, will not be performing or helping out with Gomez’s album, reports[...]

Joe Jonas ready to kick off the tour with his band The Jonas Brothers Pop star Joe Jonas says it won’t be awkward when he tours with his ex Demi Lovato. The Camp Rock star is getting ready to kick off the tour with his band The Jonas Brothers. And Lovato will be opening for the boys when the tour starts on August[...]

Joe Jonas to release solo album Joe Jonas, the oldest brother of “The Jonas Brothers” is working on a solo album. His youngest brother, Nick, has already put out his own album with his band “Nick Jonas and the Administration,” and now he’s following in his footsteps. Joe has already collaborated on a song called[...]