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Britney Spears may give movies another shot

HollywoodNews.com: Although Britney Spears didn’t have a successful first attempt at the film industry, after her ‘Glee’ episode set record ratings, it appears that she might want to give acting another go. Spears has reportedly expressed an interest in getting back to acting and spent some time at her agency,[...]

Mel Gibson’s Self Destruction Continues Unabated

By Roger Friedman hollywoodnews.com: More tapes of his horrific conversations with baby mama Oksana Grigorieva have been released by Radar Online, aka the National Enquirer. (Yes, they are one and the same.) On this new tape, which Grigorieva patiently recorded while Mel went ballistic over the phone, includes death threats[...]

Ed Limato: Hollywood Agent Gave Legendary Oscar Parties

By Roger Friedman hollywoodnews.com: Ed Limato, 73, one of the most legendary Hollywood talent agents ever, died on Saturday after a long illness. Ed, a bon vivant who lived in splendor in a Beverly Hills mansion with a massive, rolling lawn, was one of a kind. It was in March[...]

Britney Spears’ boyfriend looking like a down and out

By Andy Pemberton HollywoodNews.com: Britney Spears boyfriend Jason Trawick has gone from a sharp suited power player to looking like a down and out. See these pictures for proof. Is this the Britney-effect? Trawick, who works as a talent agent for top Hollywood firm William Morris, used to dress in[...]